Gen 8 gearbox and the m249

Can I drop a gen 8 gearbox straight into the m249v3? the problem is i bought an m249 and it didn’t work ,you could hear the mag working and a kind of click click click sound.
Opened it up ,found a wire that was pinched and almost cut ,fixed that but nothing changed - pulled the gearbox ,tested the motor off the box and it worked ,pulled the spring and the box worked ,pushed the plunger all the way in and reinstalled the spring it all worked till i took my finger of the trigger and then it went back to being seized up.
Looking at the box in the blaster and the gen8 online they look the same and I’m thinking of just replacing the box instead of trying to fix it,(plus wouldn’t have a clue where to start if I tried to fix it…)

Share the photo of your gearbox not working, mate

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I also think the m249 box looks like the same dimensions as the gen8 m4a1 box. I modded these two for mates last year. Wait for one the knowledgeable veterans in here to let you know before buying a new box. Also it’s not that hard to fix these gearboxes you should look at some YouTube vids of other peeps doing a box TEARDOWN. Just pay attention to the anti-reverse latch and trigger spring, and make sure any shims on gearshafts go back exactly where they came from.