Gen 8 Gearbox build

Gday all looking at doing a Gbox build for my M249 Saw V2. I’ve been sussing out parts, builds etc but would to see what people would recommend. She already has the Green O’ring, 1.2 spring, 40 cm aluminium barrel. I would like to beef her up so on game day’s she can compete. Not in a big rush just planning ahead.

Cheers WhiteYeti.

A blaster like that needs a decent rate and for a prolonged use :wink: I’d suggest building up a seperate box that you can drop into it. Grab a singularity nylon case some metals gears (SHS or lonex), bearings, shims, etc.

It’s a good experience to build it up and you won’t have any downtime since it’s a seperate box. So take your time and do it right.

My first build was on a UMP. I bought a kit from which had everything i needed, all high end components.

Thanks mate, will be doing a separate Gbox and keeping original as a spare.