Gen 8 Gearbox into Kublai K1 shell?

Hey guys, first post. Was just wondering if the M4A1 Gen 8 Gearbox will fit nicely into the Kublai K1 shell? I have an un-upgraded gen 8 and was thinking of ordering some metal parts, including a new receiver and hand-guard. Thanks guys :smiley:

No it will not fit, K1 is a v2 receiver not gen8

Okay, thankyou for the advice. The site I was looking on didn’t tell me much

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Another question, will this LDT t-hop fit this receiver? I know the t-hop is a V2 but there are no V3 versions on this site. Also it is to go with a V3 metal gears version of the LDT Gearbox

Yes it will, with the correct gearbox

this gearbox,

It will fit the box but I am not 100% sure of the length of the feed tube, I have seen two different ones and one was slightly longer than the v2 so someone who has the v3 box would need to give you the length exactly.
I have a v2 t piece on hand and can measure it if you want.

That would be great Rattler, thank-you