Gen 8 gearbox Question

So I’m looking at buying a UMP shell, so I’ll need to purchase a Gen 8 gearbox soon, apart from metal gearboxes which I don’t want to explore just yet, what gen 8 gearbox should I look out for? I’m gonna guess nylon but is there any specific nylon gen 8 gearbox etc? Sorry if this is such an easy question, still feeling like a newbie with this stuff

Cheers guys [=

Apparently you cannot get a good metal gearbox for a gen8 anyway.
I have a Singularity box in a couple of MP5s.
From my research they are up there with the better quality ones available.

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You can get a metal gen 8 box but how good it is I do not know.

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Arhh cheers man!! Had no idea about a singularity gearbox till now so I’ll take a look into them [=

Cheers man! I think seems I’m still new to gel blasters I don’t wanna outlay that much just yet for an empty gearbox lol

I should say, my aim is for around 280-300 fps for the blaster

You can get a JM Gen 8 box pretty cheap.

Stock box like that with a decent barrel, M90 spring, nozzle upgrade and 11.1v should get you around 280 - 290 fps pretty easily.

Worked for me. Not the greatest boxes but cheap. If it turns out fubar you won’t mind so much. :wink: