Gen 8 M4 Buffer Tube

Sherman, set the wayback machine to Gen 8 M4A1…

Yeah, some of us still have 'em… :joy:

My particular blaster’s been fitted with a M16 style buttstock, a BLG item from Hawkex Tactical. I love the look and it’s a straight fit to the Gen 8 receiver.


Problem is, it’s such flimsy ABS construction that it keeps getting loose. The slightes knock and it’s flopping around.

Are there any adaptors around that will let me fit this style buttstock more solidly to the receiver, or maybe a different receiver that would take the Gen 8 box?

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I brought this for my sons gen8. I haven’t put it on yet but it seems like it will be firm. You just add a buffer tube if needed.

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Yeah, I’ve seen those, but they only work with M4 style buttstocks. Cheers for that though. :+1:

What I’m looking for a is an adaptor that will let me attach a solid M16 butt to the Gen 8 receiver. These BLG ones twist on normal Gen 8 style, but the ABS is so week at the joint it won’t survive gameplay.

I know I can buy stronger nylon M16 stocks in the style I want, but they all attach with a long screw Gen 9 style and won’t fit the receiver. :thinking: