Gen 8 M4A1 Cosmetic Mods

Hey guys, i have a fairly standard gen 8 with just some upgrades like a new spring, o ring and aluminum inner barrel. I am wanting to buy a new hand guard and changing the look of the m4a1 to more of an m27 IAR. Is there any longer metal handguards you guys would suggest for this and what else would i need for it to fit onto a gen 8?

it would have probably been better to upgrade your inner alloy barrel after you decided on extending your overall barrel length. there are a variety of generic handguards available, but what is important is that you have a gen 8 hand guard to receiver adapter (most of which are 3d printed) compatible with the new handguard. I picked up a longer handguard and inner/outer barrel from a local place, can’t point to a link for it.

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Generally all ar15 platform handguard/fishbone can be adapted to gen8/9, just depend on the mounting system of said handguard/fishbone.

Some are screw on, some are pressure fit, for gen8 it’s probably best to go for the pressure fit type, which you can get adaptor tube to add onto the front part of the receiver, then secure the handguard/fishbone onto that.

Screw on type would require you to cut that front bit off and put on a threaded tip like the gen9 has, which might be more difficult since there is cutting receiver involved

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There ya go…

Will fit most of the fishbones instore and online, don’t forget the fishbone to outer barrel stabilzer at the front too. It all just bolts up. :+1:

MildewJR is right though… you may need a longer inner barrel. Stock barrel length for Gen 8 M4s is usually around the 275mm mark.


Ive never seen a 3d printed gen 8 hand guard adapter. Prolly wouldnt trust it either if your clamping the handguard tight.

Good modding platform, the Gen 8s… heaps of parts and options. Although I don’t blame you for wanting to upgrade the handguard, the stock Gen 8 one is a bit of a shocker. :joy:

I opted for the tight-arse handguard mod :joy:

Just tryin’ to make it a little less generic