Gen 8 M4A1 Fishbone Help

Hey guys new to the forum.

I’ve recently picked up a Gen 8 M4A1 and have a whole heap of upgrades coming in however I’ve hit a bit of a wall in research with a specific hand guard that I’m after.

I’m after this specific one (link below) and as much as it says it’s compatible with the Gen 8 I’m a little skeptical. I’m aware I’ll need to buy a metal adapter and an outer barrel too, but as you can see the end that attaches to the receiver is threaded for a Gen 9. My guess is that the adapter would still protrude out enough to slot the guard with what looks like 2 screws to help tighten at the bottom, but being new to all of this any confirmations or advice would be appreciated.

SLR Nylon Fishbone

I’ve also attached the photo below for a better view into the guard from the thread end.


Appreciate the help!

Hi Godec welcome to forums. I dont have this particular fishbone but the noveske metal fishbone i have said gen 8 compatible and had a threaded adapter that looks similar to this. That threaded adapter part should come out but i cant be 100% sure for this fishbone. If that is the case you should
Be able to replace it with a m4a1 compatible adapter ring. My m4ss actual worked somewhat with the threaded adapter ring that came with the fishbone.

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Got some pics of the m4ss?

Hello, my friend put this on his gen 8 ill ask how he did it :slight_smile:

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That adapter will come out and you need to buy a gen 8 adapter like this…

I have exactly the same setup my gen 8 :+1:

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U need that metal short tube thing with thread on it I think

Okay perfect thank you, good to know it’s that simple. Is that a 27cm outer barrel on yours? and is the stabiliser that comes with the fishbone any good?

Yeah with the SLR handguard and that adapter i linked to, it’s super simple.

Correct, it’s a non threaded 27cm outer barrel, but there’s nothing stopping you using other outer barrels. As long as the outside diameter of your outer barrel is 19mm, it’ll work. The adapter grabs the outer barrel with two small grub screws.

The stabiliser that comes with the SLR handguard is pretty average. I use something like this for the stabiliser …

You can see from the photo of my gen 8 above how the stabiliser ring doesn’t go all the way into the handguard, but it still fits well and makes for a very stable outer barrel.

Awesome I appreciate the help, with that info I can go ahead and pick one up.

Thanks again!

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no probs mate, let me know how it goes and if you have any issues :+1:

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This an old pick as i stopped using the launcher and have a metal handle and triangle front sight and new stock