Gen 8 M4a1 hopup install

Hey guys, just bought a DS-J8 hopup for the gen 8 m4a1 but only just noticed it doesn’t properly install onto the front of the barrel as it is too small. Ive had a good look online for any information for how its meant to be properly installed into the blaster but i couldn’t find anything. Would love some help on how it can be installed properly, thanks.

Have you got a stock barrel or aluminium ? And outer barrel?
They slide over the inner barrel (which should stick out about 10mm) then slide onto the outer barrel. I did this with upgraded aluminim barrels and couldnt be easier.
My 1st m4a1 i had had a plastic barrel with a dkj10 and i think it was glued on somehow , but they did it somehow.

mine came with an aluminum inner barrel and i don’t have an outer barrel just using the stock hand guard the gel blaster came with. Would i have to buy an outer barrel to install it?

Your Gen 8 inner barrel is inside the outer barrel which I suspect is what you’re looking at and calling the inner barrel. The original inner barrels are plastic and won’t stick out far enough. For $25 you can buy an alloy inner barrel and t piece that’ll be a bit longer. You can then cut it to the correct length and fit your hop up. If you cut it to the length that’ll allow you to fit you hop up inside your flash hider the flash hider will support you hop up.

Bit of a comparison , the top one is stock and some how the original owner managed to secure it to the plastic stock barrel.
Beneath is one with aluminium inner and outer barrel with metal handguard where the dkj8 just skips on and tightens with a grub screw.