Gen 8 mags into Gen 9

Could someone please explain to me the process of modifying my gen 9 mag well so it fits gen 8 mags. Are there any photos or videos of the mod anywhere? Also does the modification affect the fitment of the gen 9 mags. Cheers.

Hey mate, sorry no photos but I had success by placing the gen 8 mag or drum mag as close as possible to fit. File the inside walls of mag well till it fit snug.

Haha. Cool, a reply. Thanks for the info. I have heard of people filing out the mag well. Iā€™m hesitant to do that cause I thought it would make my gen 9 mags a loose fit. Do your gen 9 mags still fit securely? Would rather my secure gen 9 mags than the ability to use gen 8 mags also.

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Sorry for the late reply bud. My gen 9 mags hold. Not as snug as I would like. File down the mags them self not the blaster :smiley: . I modified a Tracer mag for the gen 9 the same way.