Gen 8 not feeding gels from the mag into the barrel

Hey guys, i recently did some upgrades to my gen 8 m4a1 with just changing out the o-ring and the spring on the blaster. When i put it all back together the magazine does not actually feed the gels properly through the t piece anymore and can only shoot through pouring gels down into the barrel. So the gel blaster still shoots properly but doesn’t feed gels from the magazine correctly. Does anyone know where i should start with fixing this? Thanks.

Check your mag is feeding.

A common gotcha is putting the mag terminals in backward


As @zeHamish mentioned mate, I would start by double checking the mag wires are around the right way.
Negative wire goes terminal closest to the front of the blaster
Positive goes to the terminal toward the rear.

Otherwise I would check that the wires are all connected to the motor correctly.

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My mag wasn’t feeding last night, but at least the priming handle worked… So today I pulled my Gen 8 apart again and changed the magazine terminals over, and now they still don’t feed and my priming handle doesn’t work???

Definitely did something wrong

Make sure the diode is on the trigger switched line for the mag terminal.

Stripe away from mag terminal

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Insert mag, disconnect one motor terminal, pull trigger.