Gen 8 Nylon Gears

While checking out parts options online I noticed on ebay gearsets for Gen 8 boxes are available in grey or original white.

I thought nylon, was nylon, yeah? Does anyone know if there’s any difference between them as far as how durable they are, or is it just a cosmetic thing?

I’m about to find out - I ordered a set of orange nylon gears in 16:1 and an enhanced tappet plate. Orange nylon appears to be tougher but no idea why


I think the orange nylon is a harder compound, so instead of the gears leaning over they would most likely chip or break off when worn.
Shimming would reduce the chances and obviously not going ott with the spring. Would like to hear you opinion when you get these gears and compare to the white. And also after a few weeks of use if you were to strip and inspect them ( strip the gearbox) to see how they’re traveling.

Likewise… very interested to see how those orange gears pan out :thinking:

So how far can you go with springs before it’s considered ott?

I’m running a 1.3 spring with 11.1v battery in my Gen 8, but tbh I’m considering dropping back so I can run 7.4v batteries. I’m not chasing high rates of fire (I know that contributes to shredding gears at a faster rate) but I do like the snap of the action on single shot with an 11.1v battery.

Is the 1.3 spring okay for a 7.4v setup or should I drop back to 1.2 or even to stock 1.1 spring?

Generally 1.3 is about as far as you’d want to go with nylon, or m90. With the 7.4 it might struggle to compress the 1.3 unless you fit a high torque motor. 1.2 or 1.18 unequal might be a safe option. I’ve ran my acr on 11.1 on nylon For a few months with no issues. Only thing broke was a return spring. So since I was stripping it down I threw in some metal gears. No signs of wear on the nylon though.

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I’m picking up new nylon gears today, got a few teeth missing on the old ones due to last night’s srvice. :joy:
lI’ll make sure it’s all shimmed and greased nicely and see how it pans out.

Sounds like you’ve had a pretty good run out of your gears with that setup, I figure I’ll run nylons until they crap out and just replace with metal.

Don’t know why I’m so keen to keep on with nylon…

@BulletMagnet let us know how the orange gears go, hey?:+1:


I’ve got 4 of those 16:1 nylon gearsets coming. They look like they’re decent quality too. That particular vendor (Modiker) on AliExpress also sells a 12:1 nylon gearset but those ones are a white/opaque nylon and (to me) they don’t ‘look’ as strong. I don’t know whether that’s actually the case though…
I’m wondering if any of the more experienced crew can give advice as to what spring would be best to accompany a 16:1 gearset, keeping in mind they’re nylon? I’ve got an M90, M100 and M110 spring (although I’m sure the M110 will be too excessive) to try. Will a weaker spring return the piston home quickly enough to beat the sector gear cycle or is 16:1 not that fast?
My theory is that a well shimmed, pinion height set, greased set of nylon gears should handle an M100 but I have no first-hand experience with anything over a 1.3 spring.
Just gonna do this:
@Rattler and @Hiroshima_screamer
to get their attention and input…

I seriously can not see the point ?
When you can buy an SHS gear set for $ 23 AU why would you bother ?
There are a few problems you will have …

  1. With a nylon gear set you will need to use a nylon rack piston and a nylon pinion so even with an M90 it will fail in short order.
  2. Depending on the speed of the motor you choose you will have problems with pre engagement and wear on the rack,Pinion and anti reverse latch.
  3. Because of the speed increase the sector gear will be contacting the pick up tooth with considerably more force .

Very valid point regarding the SHS gears however don’t they need modification (shortening the gears shafts) to fit the Gen8 box? I seem to recall reading that here somewhere although I’m probably wrong.
I’m still pretty new to this stuff and I figure if I ruin a $4 set of gears it won’t bother me too much and there will be a learning curve in there for next time. Once I’ve built me a few blasters I’ll step up the quality of materials to higher grade gear…

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They don’t, they fit perfectly in a gen8 :+1:
But fair enough it will be a good learning experience for you and I certainly won’t knock you for that :+1:

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I’m the same, using it as a learning experience. I have found the 1.18mm unequal is too strong for the stock motor as even with 11.1V battery the fire rate is way lower than when I had the M90 spring fitted so I’m guessing that will be putting some serious strain on the nylon parts. I’ll head back to M4A1 today and grab another M90 and save the 1.18 for the next rifle.

I just didn’t want to invest too much money in the Gen 8, rather save my biccies for a full metal V2 split receiver/split gearbox build where I can go spastic with mods

It must be a crap M90 spring because it should be stronger than the 1.18mm spring ?

Well you’ve got 4 sets so just try it and see what happens.

Me, I just throw crazy combos together and just pull the trigger.
If it dies it dies :rofl:

Currently I have a cast spur gear in a dsg box running an M170 spring. Couldn’t be arsed waiting for a new spur, threw in the cast gear and she’s running mint. Though it’s probably just a time bomb lol


I would have thought so too, the M90 being 1.3mm. The guys at M4A1 also said the 1.18 is much stronger than the M90

Could be due to the pigmentation added to the nylon?? Would love to hear from a composite tech or someone in injection molding :thinking:

Exactly what I had in mind mate. My blaster/parts budget is at the extreme low end so I figure blowing up a set of $4 gears isn’t going to make me cry, fragging a set of SHS gears will though haha!

Lol you got 3 springs and 4 sets of gears but can’t afford a $23 set of gears ? well you better start finding some money because for starters a stock motor won’t pull 16:1 gears and a M110 !
Not trying to be a smart ass but you seem like you just wanted to hear "go for it " instead of the sensible measured approach :thinking:

Now I’ve given up smoking, it’s just one pack of cigs :+1:


Oh and you better add a silver wiring kit with 10amp switch and a bloody good battery too because the stock wiring will melt as will the battery :thinking:


Lol yeah me too, I have loads of spare cash now and can breath too :+1: