Gen 8 Nylon Gears

Nah it’s all good mate, I appreciate you’re opinion more than most. My brother gave me money for Christmas (because he’s a lazy bastard :joy:) and I got myself some things to fill up my parts drawers. I did actually get more than just a bunch of springs and cheap gears believe it or not, most of it is still on the row boat from China :persevere:
I’ve been watching and listening as carefully as possible here for quite a while so I can make myself a couple of cool blasters that work well and are fun to use. I mean I guess I could’ve just bought a pre-built one but to me half the fun is putting them together and seeing how stuff works (and doesn’t!). I wasn’t expecting “yeah mate, go for it, good luck!”, wasn’t holding any expectations actually but the quality of knowledge and advice here is better than any forum I’ve been on before…
Being right in the throes of quitting myself it also keeps my idle hands busy (but I’m swearing a hell of a lot more haha!)


All good bro :+1:
Don’t make the mistake of buying a prebuilt one

Agree 100% on your comments about this forum…

I’ve learned more from a couple of days on here than I could ever have learned from scouring YouTube… it’s a great collective of talent, plenty of friendly advice. :thinking:

Although YouTube does have some great stuff on it, just have to sift through the shite. :joy:


I know I can be a bit harsh sometimes but I don’t need to be here I just enjoy helping others and meeting new people, I don’t have all the answers and have been wrong plenty of times, I am only human after all :blush: I also learn new things every single day , the day you know it all is the day you stop learning :v:


Gen 9 ‘budget’ build


It’ll be a crackin’ little blaster. Keep us informed on those gears.

Was wondering about the strength of the orange tappet plate vs the stock nylon white ones?
Building 2 metal gear boxes (gen8 shs and gen 9 molybdenum ) and have 2 of the orange kind and was wondering the differences if any and would the white have been ok ?

Also just got some white nylon 12:1 gears to mess around with. Will stock gen 8 motor and 7.4 with a 1.2mm spring be ok? Shim them?m

Also will i now need to port the cylinder and maybe a delay chip?

I also have a high speed hai chi mag motor to chuck in to feed faster if recommended.

I got the nylon 12:1 havnt used yet. Port or short stroke? Delay or cut tappet? I will run mine on 7.4v.

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