Gen 8 Starter Kit - x316 Receiver, GearBox, Motor & Bits

For Sale a bunch of Gen 8 parts. All Brand New. Good as a starter kit.

$75 + $10 Shipping anywhere in Aus

X316 Receiver
Nylon GearBox Shell - “Lucky to Be You” Singularity II
Chahai S460 Short Motor
M100 Spring
Steel Spring Guide
Metal Trigger
Silver Wire Kit

@Kesium PM sent regarding this gear…

This has now SOLD…

…to me! Yeehaw! Thanks mate, you’re a bloody legend.

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Do you want the motor?

Yeah mate, sorry. Wanted the motor more than any of the rest. Paid for the motor, the rest was free as far as I’m concerned.

Plus he really looked after me on this. Bloody good bloke…

No prob. I’ll put up a request on the board see if anyone has one for sale. Don’t feel like spending $70 on a 460 from the store nor waiting 4 weeks for a $20 one from China

Yeah man, fully understand. I’ve seem how much Aussie vendors ask for that motor alone so all the other stuff was basically superfluous regarding the asking price.