Gen 8 to gen 9 conversion help

Has anyone tried to fit the m4 gen 8 gearbox to the m4 gen 9 body? Is it possible?

(sorry for my poor grammar)

Anything is possible but I’d say that conversion is way to much work and near impossible. What is your reasoning? Might be better to buy an empty gen 9 gear box and purchase internals separately or in the long run might be better just buying a gen 9 will probably end up cheaper depending if you want to upgrade or not

The reason why i am wanting to put a gen 8 gearbox inside a gen 9 gearbox is because im having a gen 8 blaster and i want it to look cooler, i want it to look more realistic, and it’s 2021, no one use a gen 8 anymore. The price of a gen 9 in my coutry is about 85 - 103 UAD and the price of a gen 9 body is about 37 UAD. Buying a brand new gen 9 is a real big disaster for my wallet, so im think it’s much cheaper to buy a gen 9 body and put my gen 8 gearbox inside of it