Gen 8 Top Rail Issue

I took apart my Gen 8 today to replace some parts and as I was putting the blaster back together I couldn’t find the top rail screw thing (the metal small rectangle that the screw screws into, idk what else to call it). Without the part I cannot secure the top rail into place.
Any suggestions on what to do to keep the rail in place?

Hi Luke… My best advice would be find the missing part?

How could it be missing? It must be around somewhere? Check your pockets (and interrogate your mates) noidea sf-fight

When you pull down a blaster, do it on a table with a towel (preferably white) on it, have a tray, tub or container for THAT blaster only… and get some magnets from Bunnings so you can stick all of the small screws onto it… so nothing goes missing

Take pics of the blaster as you pull it down and remember which screw goes where… saves alot of issues later on (putting it back together) badluck

And don’t ask me how I know this…ceazy laughing%20(1)

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I added two screws on either side of the rail to secure the rail down onto the body housing. I found with the new sight on the rail flexed a bit anyway since it is plastic so the screws do the trick.


U could cut a coke can up and put a hole in the middle