Gen 8 Upgrade Cylinder & Plunger Head

I dunno, I must be getting old… just got a few Gen 8 upgrade parts in the mail…

Please someone tell me why does the plunger head attach to the plunger by a screw that pulls up on a bearing race?? Is the head supposed to be able to spin on the end of the plunger? Something to do with the spring?

If anyone can enlighten me, I’d be grateful… but as far as I can tell it just seems to make it easier for the plunger head to come loose.

The bearing race allows the spring freedom of movement during its de/compression cycle

You’ll find the head itself fixes firmly and does not rotate

For best results, a spring retainer with a bearing is recommended


Okay, that makes sense. Cheers for the info… :+1:

Is a bearing spring retainer an item to be found on ebay or are we talking about fitting a bearing to the existing? I’m guessing metal is a better option in any event… I have a nylon gearbox.

Different boxes, different retainers

I like the ones I can bolt through the back to ensure there is no movement in the retainer.

As for which one you need, I’m sure someone else will chime in with something I’m not aware of

I have zip gen8 gear :rofl:


I bought a metal spring retainer for my Gen8 that had a bearing in it already. Pretty sure I bought it from GBA online store and it was like 10 bucks, but i’m not 100% sure. I also have the nylon gearbox and the metal spring retainer has worked with no issue after many months of playing CQB.


Like this one, I’m guessing…
Good to know it’ll work well with the nylon gearbox. Cheers, guys. :+1:

Yeah that looks like the one. I actually got mine from gell ball armoury website (different GBA, lol) for $12 on special. Most of the ones I see now are $20-$25

Mine is the third package from the left

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Nothing like a table full of goodies waiting to be fitted up… :+1:

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I am too a big fan of the threaded retainers, I like being able to secure the retainer to keep it straight!

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That photo is quite old. All those goodies have been installed since about November last year

When you say “threaded retainer”…do you mean the ones that you can add a bolt through the buffer tube that secures to the retainer? The one i bought had this also.


Well, me being as impatient as I am, it all went together without the upgraded spring retainer… :joy: it’ll be added at the first service.

Gotta say, huge improvement over the stock setup… haven’t chrono tested yet but the ol’ Gen 8’s packing some punch with the new gear…

Which is why we do what we do… :blush::+1: