Gen 8's dont like AKA gels

Can anyone tell me why gen 8 boxes wont feed AKA gels, I have a scar and two jinming gen8s, two m16’s will not feed, they just block up

What ID are your barrels and how long are you growing them for?

Doesn’t matter, grade all my gels to size. It’s the hardness

I use gen 8 mags with ultras and akas and have no issues. They did strip the gear in 2 mags though on me. :roll_eyes:

But at the game today I saw a few gen 8 being used with akas without any issue. I’d say you have an issue somewhere else that’s causing your issues.

Using aka’s and ultras in a mild gen 8 @ 280fps. Never a single problem with feed. 7.5 and 7.3.
I second the issue as something else.
7 months on 11.1v, i hammered it. My go to as it just won’t stop.
Maybe i got lucky with a monday not Friday?

I have a very high power gen 8 and they are the best gels I have tryed🤷‍♂️

I have the same issue with my daughters ump, two gels get stuck in the t piece and stop the nozzle working.
Haven’t really looked into it, but they may be too small allowing more than one into the chamber.

UMP’s also have a fairly poor mag to t piece alignment

Thanks bro, I’ll take a look👍🏽