Gen 9 barrel adapter

Just got this gen 9 adapter , how does it install? Cheers lads

You don’t need the spring,
It’s install same way as the stock one, just much shorter.
Put one of the little screw on the top too, that helps to locate the mount piece in thr reciever hole a little better.
Also place the two washer on the outer side of the adaptor (towards the front of the blaster), it helps the delta ring locking it down (might not need it, try with out first )

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Ive tried installing the same way as the stock one bit the inner barrel has far too much play/wiggle

Yah that’s because the back bit where the t-piece sit is to is much shorter than stock one, so only the bottom locating notch on the t-piece is sitted.

If u use an alloy inner barrel, u could use that little screw onto to help secure it a bit more, but don’t do it too tight to damage the barrel.

Also once the upper receiver is put back onto yhe lower, the gear box might help to hold it a bit as well once the t-piece sits in the nozzle hole?