Gen 9 barrel nut

Looking for a barrel nut like this one to suit gen 9/M4
The 2 I have the threads are slightly different pitch and only screws on 85% then binds up…
The third one fits fine on all recievers.

Does anyone know where to get one of these for my son’s blaster?? Thanks

Found on Ali Express, looks same as the picture.

That’s what I bought…
It didn’t fit? EBay one that came with handguard fits.
The handguard from Aliexpress didn’t fit. The seller sent out another vulpo nut also didn’t fit?
Looking at hawkex barrel nut atm. Just waiting on an email back from them confirming it will be compatible.
Thanks Freeman

When you say it doesn’t fit, does it screw down but the outer barrel is loose?

If you can zoom on my pic you can see on the thread where it stops and binds up. The shinier thread.
The threads are visually different

I have noticed this with some of the aliexpress barrel nuts, I spaced them out with spacers and once done they are secured, no spacing between barrelnut and outer barrel

This is my blaster with a barrel nut that didn’t space right, fitted spacers and worked fine

I have plenty of the barrel washers but it sits way off the reciever.
Here’s a pic of my other barrel nut that’s the same but screws on completely.

There’s a 10mm gap between barrel nut and receiver and with this style nut they must sit flush.

Yeah I have a black version of this which never had any issues with sitting on either the wells v3 nylon box, or the metal wells receiver i run now. I did buy my handguard from m4a1. Stuff from Ali Express seems pretty hit and miss from all the stuff I have brought.

You might need to look into a tool for rethreading the barrel nut or receiver.

I’m just waiting to hear back from hawkex on their nut but I will be taking that path if that doesn’t work out.
Thanks for your help bro :+1:

No problems, I found these that may help, no idea on what thread size they are

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Have you tried these

I think that if it screws on 85% of the way then the pitch of the thread can’t be wrong, it’s more likely that the thread is not deep enough in the adapter.
You could try filing the top of the thread on the receiver or the inside of the adapter

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I have 2 of these nuts :rofl: that don’t fit so I’m going to try shaving down the inner thread of the barrel nut on one as I have one spare.
Away working atm but when I’m home I’ll try to take more pics.
I still think the threads maybe a slightly different pitch or thickness. :thinking:
After a barrel nut not a delta ring. :+1:
If all else fails I’ll try re-threading it.

Hi Freeman93, what length barrel and handguard do you have on your blaster?

I had a 9.5" outer barrel with a nt1 hopup master on it, the handguard was 12"