Gen 9 bits and BD556

Hi guys, I bought a Gen 9 and since have upgraded a lot of metal parts and so now have nearly enough parts to build a second Gen 9. The only thing I need now is another receiver. I was looking at getting a BD556 receiver because I think they are compatible with most Gen 9 parts like barrels and stocks, I’m not sure about the Gen 9 mags fitting though. Has anyone ever fitted one of these receivers to a Gen 9?
Thanks Brad

I’m in the same boat, but I’ve ordered a metal reciever off wish for $120. When it gets here I will have to sus out what t-peice it will need and if the gen 9 magazine fits.
The bd556 and others like it will not fit the standard gen 9 box inside it, I don’t think so anyway as they are built for an airsoft v2 gearbox (they are slightly different to the gen 9 box and don’t fit in a gen 9 reciever)