Gen 9 build help required

So building up my sons gen 9 and I need help.

What has everyone done with the spur gear bushing that’s raised in the gearbox?

  1. Shave the bushing housing down
  2. Machine down the spur gear tower thing to match the stock one.
  3. Other

Ps what a stupidly designed gearbox

Shaved down the bushing

Thank you sir, you are a gentleman and a scholar

What grinds you about the box?

95% of my builds are alloy or metal boxes.
It’s really hard to get used to the flimsy nylon boxes

I’ve only ever played with a SLR nylon gear box, and that hands down eats up the gen 9 box.

I don’t like that you screw into nylon, must be easy to strip or wear.
The raised spur gear bushing on the top side is unnecessary and really just weird.
The rear curve restricts any sort of swapping between receivers.
The grip handle screws aren’t v2 spacing so I can’t fit any aftermarket grip that I have.
They went with a 460 motor which means you have to buy 460 motors when I have a bunch of 480 motors lying around.
The wiring is just so nasty and cheap, same as SLR though.

I’m sure ill find things I like, but just started this build so only time will tell.

Ohhhh wait actually I like how all the screws are Allen key and not philips head.


Damn…all good points.

The JJ SLR nylon is an ok box to build but I definitely prefer my metal ones

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My point exactly @Hiroshima_screamer someone on here tried to tell me the Gen9 gearbox was better than the Warinterest, no way… It easy to shimm because all surfaces are flat and it has bearing housing.

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I shaved my nylon box. But that’s mainly due to lack of tools to adjust metal. And shaving nylon seemed super easy.


As above… shaved the nylon down. Allowed for correct location and shimming, no signs of any issues so far…