Gen 9 charging arm second half? And metal parts

I been trying to find some metal parts for for gen9, but there don’t seem to be much avaliable?
Aliexpress has some but all for other models of AR platform :confused:
Need bolt release, mag release, forward button and the charging arm.
With the charging arm tho, I found one shop sells gen9 one but, only from the grip to spring hook, is there one for gen9 that’s the whole length?

Hey have you had any luck. I am also looking to finish off a metal gen 9.

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Yah I found a site that has forward assist, triggers and all that jazz, but the charging arm they have is for gen8, and I am no sure if that will work with gen9.

I will send u a link when I get home after work

They are standard look btw, not the fancy aluminum stuff

thats where i found most stuff