Gen 9 gearbox compatibility

Looking to start an slr build but have a spare gen 9 nylon gearbox that figured I may aswell use for something. Could anyone let me know which receiver would the gen 9 gearbox fit without mod ?

Generally only the gen 9 receiver. But I have been told with some minor mods (I think it was like dremelling 2 parts just a tad for the t piece and another spot I can’t remember?) that it can be put in a v2 metal receiver Since it’s very close to the v2 ■■■■■■■ gearboxes and the wells.

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Yh that’s what I was thinking might just keep it as a back up for the time being and see if u can’t do a full slr build without the hassle aha. Thanks

I’ve been looking at going full metal on my gen 9 for a while. But honestly with how well it’s working at the moment I just can’t justify a new $150 receiver

Yh I’m still running stock receiver on my upgraded gearbox and I wouldn’t change a thing with the current rof. But don’t want the other gearbox to go to waste.

Slowly build a backup gen 9 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. My plan is when my gearbox strips. I’ll buy a gen 9 standard box. Set it up. Then make the old one full metal gears and slowly build it up as a full metal blaster. Or just take what I can use out of it and just go build a full metal v2 :joy:


This ^^^^^ :+1:

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This looks good for a cheap v2 box :thinking:


I think using it for parts would be the most sensible option then build a full metal or that v2 shell :heart_eyes:

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Although I have had my eyes on the warinterest v2 gearbox to customise

It’s the curve at the back of the gearbox that is a different profile to the standard V2, and it gets wider differently. I’ve had no luck with it in anything other than J9 or J10 receivers

It’s really a shame considering it’s just another step up gen

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That is the main problem when trying to get the nylon gen9 into a metal receiver (an AS one anyway)

A couple of pics showing one sitting (almost) in an E&C metal receiver, and then the gen9 box compared to the E&C AS one:

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