Gen 9 Gearbox issue

Hi Guys,

did the standard noob thing and took apart my blaster to try and upgrade the o-ring.
i reassembled and the gears didnt appear to rotate and the box was making a grinding sound.
i tried adjusting the height of the motor but still nothing.

have i reassembled incorrectly ?


Is it just the photo, or are there teeth missing from the bevel?
And you might want to look at the positive wire going to the trigger, bare wiring there already.


I think its just the crappy photo, all the teeth are there. - i ordered a new gearbox and will so i can still have a play around while i try fix this one

It looks like the spur and sector gears aren’t meshing together

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It looks to me in the first pic, that some teeth off the first gear (which the pinion drives) are missing?

I think new blaster owners should just use their blaster stock and buy a spare gearbox to have on hand… then, if they must pull their blaster apart, they have a gearbox to put back in the blaster and get it going again, whilst they figure out how to put the original back together.

Better still, perhaps they should buy 2 blasters first up… one to not wreck and one to play with (AKA: Wreck) noidea laughing%20(1)

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Yeah i agree, at least now i have a second box to use and can tinker with the original

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