Gen 9 M4A1 Upgrades

Hey guys just got a new Gen 9 M4A1 and was wondering what upgrades or parts i should get for it

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If it is your first/only blaster… maybe replace the spring, seal if it underperforms… then leave it stock (and 2S)


Did the same thing but was still using a 7.4 battery, after a few strip downs l just went back to a 1.2 spring and it was all sorted.

So in my case it looks like my 1.3 piano wire spring was just to stiff for the the stock motor and batt.

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Put in a new green oring and spring (to keep reliability stay with 1.1mm or below unless changing to metal gears). Ditch the stock battery and put in an 11.1V. Makes all the difference.

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