Gen 9 not working

Ok so I have a Gen9 m4 and I’ve pulled it apart and replaced the O-Ring and put a new alloy barrel in it I’ve then put it all back together, now it isn’t firing I’ve checked everything the gear box seems all good and is working fine and the Gels are still feeding out of the mag (when mag is on the terminals gels come out as they should) but when it’s all together it just doesn’t fire if I load gels into the barrel manually they fire fine please help I’m clueless

Could be the tappet plate is not retracting to let a gel in? See if you can look up the T piece where the gels go in and see if the tappet plate is going back and forward?:thinking:

How can you know the mag is feeding gels the correct way when it is in on the terminals? Once the mag is in, you cant see if the gels are being fed upwards, or pulled downwards?

Pull the guts out of the mag and insert that into the mag well, then look that the gel pick up wheel is going the right way to push gels up the foo foo…

I would like a buck for every time the terminals get installed back to front (I said Buck):sunglasses:


Yeah the mag is fine and the terminals are the right way.
I took the top of the receiver off and put a mag in and I could see the gels are being pushed out
Like I said I legit am so puzzled

I had it’s upside down it wasn’t sliding back enough

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