Gen 9 silver wiring kit

Hey my dudes,

Just recieved a silver wiring kit for my m4a1 gen9. Has anyone else installed this before and have any tips or guides before I open the gear box?

I’m still pretty new to the art of modding.

Pics would be saweeeeet

Cheers in advance!

It’s very easy. Just take a photo or video of the stock wiring still in the box. Take note where everything goes and replace with the silver wiring.


Cheers toweled up appreciate it

Youll find that there will pretty much only be one way to put it in properly anyway. Like the motor wires will sit best in one position.

What i would recommend is

  1. Take photos as mentioned above.
  2. Sit the new silver wiring loom over the current one still in the gearbox so you get a feel for how its going to work before you go removing the old loom.