Gen 9 switch upgrade

Hi guys. Does anyone know where I can get an upgraded trigger switch for a gen 9 gear box. Seem to have burnt mine out. Have seen fighting bro silver wire kits for the v2 boxes

Chainsaw products sells the shs switch block also extac sells lonex ones but if ur melting switches u should look into getting a mosfet of some kind I have just ordered one for mine from gelballmod after melting the standard and a shs one😕 The shs one did hold up better than the stock btw

What mosfet are you planning on using?

Ive ordered a t238 from gelballmod to see how it goes for 55 bucks I thought why not. If it’s good it’s good if not so be it

You can get the wiring and switch from ebay for about $20 … but you can also get another gearbox for $32 … so you get your new switch and a bunch of spares for $12 more :+1:

If you put an automotive relay somewhere, like in the forestock… the trigger switch wont cop all of the amps and sparking…