Gen 9 t piece & barrel

so i got a new barrel for an early chrissy present for my m4a1 j9 today and i don’t know how to remove the barrel from the t piece i turned the tap onto as hot as i can put it in a cup. then placed the t piece side into the hot water and it didn’t budge any ideas? this is my first ever time doing this so idk if i am doing something wrong (the guy at the shop told me to put it in hot water for a bit then try to pull it out when i got the new barrel)

(edit) i just went out and brought a new one cause i only needed a t piece but all the ideas of getting a few things beforehand just in case is a really good idea thanks everyone anyway. i am also i glad i did that as i knew someone who worked at the store i go to so i got it put in free of charge and anything wrong with my blaster fixed as there were screws loose in a few places that could of destroyed my motor as of using a 11.1v battery and the jolt from the POWERRRRR

Cut it somewhere near the base and find a drill bit same size as the outside of the barrel and hand drill the rest of the barrel out

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Buy a new t piece they’re dirt cheap👍🏽
Actually buy two of everything so you have spares


If you need to buy a barrel or T piece, get 4 of them… Order a barrel… get a few… need a new trigger, get a few of them… no point buying one of each thing… I mean, how do you expect the fill your spare parts cupboards and drawers when only buying one thing at a time?

Rule number 1/ One can not have enough spare blaster parts…

Rule number 2/ If any doubt… refer to rule number 1/

Right Rattler? Hiroshima? noidea laughing%20(1)