Gen 9 trigger not resetting

Hey guys, my m4a1 gen 9 trigger is not fully resetting. This means I need to push it forward to fire in semi although it seems fine in auto. Pulling the trigger be Mack now feels awfully weak to what it was previously. Any ideas on what this could be?

Not be mack. Sorry for the spelling error

Does it fire when you point the blaster down without pulling the trigger ? I had a trigger switch spring break

No, it doesn’t. (because of GBF’s rule this is extension to post)

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sounds like the trigger spring is not inserted correctly, if you look under the trigger can you see a small metal wire sticking out, if so you can push it back in with a small flat head otherwise you need to take the gearbox apart and re fit it.


I had this with one of my ACRs, as Derivious said it was a broken trigger spring.

It is a stock trigger, have not opened up the gearbox

Break out the swear words and the tools and CRACK THAT BOX.

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thats odd, sounds exactly like when my trigger spring came out. Is the trigger loose a bit, like has a little free play?

Yeah, awfully weak to what it was

It is possible your trigger is slipping under the trigger shuttle which q good spring fixes too

can you send an image of the underside, i attached an image of mine for you, if you see metal sticking out the part i highlighted and circled than its a spring popped out.

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If it’s still in warranty, and you haven’t already opened it up, take it back. Otherwise you’ll have to open the box and replace the trigger spring. It’s almost certainly broken.