Gen 9 upgraded not working

Can anyone help me i am stumped, so i bought all the correct mods (so I think) off eBay for my m4a1 gen 9.

Once installing everything the ■■■ does not fire! The gears get jammed and don’t move, if they move it only fires once and than the piston/cylinder doesn’t reset?

  • metal gears
  • new piston/cylinder and nozzle
  • new motor 50000rpm
  • new 11.1v battery
  • 1.3mm spring

I’ve been stuck on it for a week now and have ruined my stock parts so can’t go back to stock build, any help would be much appreciated thanks.

New builds like this will take a bit of time

Remove the box and motor
Ensure that the gears are shimmed properly
Ensure your piston is seated correctly
Ensure the motor spins freely
When you are shimming you’ll need to do the motor height

The half box hand rotate method is good for aoe and ensuring your cycle runs unhibited

What happens if the shimming is not done correctly? It should still work right just not as smooth…

No you could have made the mesh way too tight.
Also are you sure the motor is turning the correct direction ?

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If your talking about the cover it’s not too tight. I can move the gears around slightly so not to tight. And the motor is spinning the right way… help!

This is the reason I always suggest that people new to blasters buy something such as a Gen 9, if it underperforms, replace the seal and maybe fit a real spring… then leave it stock and enjoy it :+1:

Unfortunately, often a person new to blasters, who buys their first one and even before really using it, buys a bunch of upgrades that someone who has been into blasters for ages would be nervous to attempt… then pulls it apart to ‘make better’ … often suffers these pitfalls. badluck

Is there anyone in your local area who could take a look at it for you and offer some advice?

which begs the question…where are you located?

but i agree with calcifer…there is much to know about these relatively simple machines before we can actually do any real mods with them and have a positive outcome

Yes, and often the cycle goes… someone sees blasters and wants one… they get one… they immediately modify it… it no longer works even as good as a standard one… the think blasters are rubbish/useless… they move on from the hobby’

My advice in this case… as well as other people who have done similar… is buy another new Gen 9… if it underperforms and you are confident, do the spring (1.2mm - 1.3mm) … maybe the seal… then leave it like that and have fun.

Then, get back onto the first one they wrecked trying to modify… upgrade it as much as they like… all the while, they can enjoy the new standard-ish one… and this way, remain interested in the hobby :+1:

I work in a production line assembling and building all sorts of systems so to me I thought it was “do able” for the mods, especially when it doesn’t even look hard on the YouTube videos.

I live in Canberra anyone located my way?

i’ll let the others state where they are, i’m nowhere remotely close.

and yes, it is simple enough except for the fine points which are allot of attention to detail and sometimes trial and error with a 3rd hand and 6 thumbs…

you get the hang of it in general.

from reading above i’d be looking at your motor height. your bevel to pinion gear isn’t set right it can create so much tension that a stock motor wouldn’t cycle the gearbox

I moved from Canberra to the Sunshine coast in 2009… I lived in Holt, then on Florey drive half way between between Kippax and Charnwood, before that at Narrabundah and for a while at the long stay caravan park at Symonston… small world:grin:

Low Guido is down there… should look him up pop

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Oh I’ve been watching heaps of low guido YouTube videos… is he from here I’ll try contact him!

I don’t have a stock motor… Do you think it can be anything to do with my 13:1 metal gears?

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13-1 gears may be a bit tall? I have never tried them… I am happy with standard 18-1 metal gears (el cheapo ebay ones) :grin:

the fighting bro bevel gear is definitely tall.

i have a m8’s build where its so tall you can’t even get 1/3 pinion gear mesh

not entirely sure what to do about that but first…he needs a new pinion

the shs 13:1 i had recently were same as all the other shs i’ve had…pretty much shs spot on

Best way to start is with those clear polycarbonate gearboxes. That way you can see how everything works, grasp the basics and move on from there.

The amount of hours I’ve spent trying figure out wtf I’ve done wrong when something isn’t perfect :man_facepalming:t4:

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Hey mate I just got this set of 13:1 gears also. Dissing the DSG idea. I knew I would have to lose a couple of teeth of the plunger. I have a plunger with 13 teeth. Do those ratios work or am going to have to do trial by error?

Can you post a pic of the plunger ladder

You don’t really need to short stroke unless you have pre engagement. You can just try a stronger spring.
I found short stroking just took away FPS for no real gain.

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I fixed it all! I realised it was a range of things, I took one o ring off my plunger and that the motor was sitting too high into the gears.

I also don’t have my new spring in it I think my spring is to big too.

Apparently it is a 13.5 tooth nylon rack.

It’ll be fine👍🏽, just do all the normal AOE checks