Gen 9 with a huge gel spread

Hey everyone,

I have recently built a new gen 9 gel blaster (13:1 shs, shs high torque motor, 25cm barrel, m100 spring, rizer hopup) and when I shoot I get a HUGE spread of gels
. I have fiddled around with it a bit but I still can’t stop the spread. If you could help me out, It would be a great help.

That’s quite powerful for a short barrel. What barrel do you have? And is it stabilized? And what gels are you using?

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What ratio cylinder u using o.o?
If it’s 100%, maybe u having too much air


also by “spread”, do you mean the gel is breaking apart?
or the trajectory is all over the place O_O?

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Like Icarus said, 100% cylinder on a short barrel like that and it’s not suprising that your long range accuracy and grouping are all over the place. Likely to be the main problem.

You could experiment with a longer barrel around 30 - 35cm, or a ported cylinder, maybe 80% for that barrel, or if you’re into CQB you could just take off the hop up and spray away. :joy:

Must have a huge ROF with that 13:1 gearset… what’s the FPS on it? :+1:


As long as the gels are sort of going in the same direction, that sounds pretty normal…Gel blasters are toys and are pretty well ‘spray and pray’ all day as friendly-fire said…

As the others said, a longer barrel should make them go straighter for longer, but the magnus effect will see them go up and down a bit as the gels slow to the speed the magnus effect takes over.

I agree, choice of heavy gels that best fit your barrel will likely help… and porting the cylinder may help too… if you do drill any holes in it, make sure to remove any burrs inside the barrel. A brake cylinder hone can remove things that can cut the O ring and make little cross hatch pattern to hold oil in the cylinder…

let us know how you get on…pop


I’ll chuck a ported cylinder in it for next time. Also, I’m getting 320-330 consistently with aka gels and ~35 rps with a full battery.


I will try to change to 80%. By spread I mean the gels aren’t accurate, but they don’t break.


Thanks for the advice! would there be any videos that you could link me to so I can learn how to hone and remove burrs?

I myself would just buy a ported cylinder, but these hones go on a drill and turn with kero as a lubricant in a bore to remove sharp bits… an in and out action leaves the cross hatching pattern

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Just think of the benefits of the wide spread of gels… if you see a group of the enemy, you can just jump out from behind your hiding place and just aim in their general direction… you will probably hit all of them before they get a chance to return fire (water) :rofl:laughing (1)


Do Vector cylinders fit in Gen 9s? They’re already ported, 80% I believe. I know they’re Gen 8 compatible, not sure about Gen 9.

If you do port your original cylinder, I’d be drilling a couple of holes, or dremelling a slot. You want the air in that first 20% out of the equation as efficiently as possible. :+1:

For what it’s worth my M4 hitting 290 - 300 fps fires tighter grouping with AKA gels, less tight with AT greens, less tight with WI reds, and it’s more like a claymore spread pattern with lesser quality gels… :joy:

See the pattern there?

Galapogas J has a couple of vids on Youtube that might be worth a look for you…

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Why bore out / de-glaze the inner wall of a cylinder o.o???!

I am only talking about if a porting hole or slot is drilled/cut into a cylinder to get rid of anything sharp that will damage the O ring. You can use a rat tail file or other methods to get rid of burrs, but running a hone in there last thing cant hurt.

If you havent made any porting and the cylinder is good quality, it wouldn’t require it pop


Hey mate,

I have bought multiple types of gels, all of which my ■■■ shredded. I recently bought aka’s which work a charm but the grouping is still piss poor. Thanks for the help anyways :slight_smile:


330 fps is a pretty solid hitting blaster, i’m not sure accuracy even can be achieved once you pass the 300fps mark. i find 280 is a sweet spot for accuracy anything more than that and it gets a bit unusable. This also could just be my results, also the akas normally drop a bit in fps so thats even more impressive hitting those numbers with that in mind.

try lowering the spring size to maybe an m90 you’re gonna loose some fps but the grouping should get tighter.
also is the spring equal or unequal
also check your o ring and look for any vacuum

I am using a m100 atm but I am probably gonna swap to a m90/m95 and add a 80% cylinder and ported plunger. Equal spring.

M100 is a bit much spring for a Gen 9… from my experience it gets the FPS too high and they go real wild in the accuracy department (worse than normal even) badluck

With gel blasters, often, less is more…laughing (1)

To me, putting a 1.4+ spring (M100+) in a Gen 9 is like puting a 671 blower and nitros on a stock LS motor… to run that blower on an LS, you need to use a better crank, rods, pistons, heads, ignition… Then the blower will work (maybe)dizzy