Gen8 gearbox problem

Hopefully someone can help, I cant see whats wrong. brand new gen8 box and out 5 gels that get shot 3 or 4 either come out in a mist or just fall out with no pressure. Everything looks and sounds ok??

could be one or more of a couple factors. did you buy your gelballs from ausgel? if not strongly recommend or from a seller that stocks their gels. as their superior in quality by far. did you speak them for minimum 4hrs I found chilled distilled water works best for me and I only use the extra hard 7mm milkies. and check to see your barrel is clean before firing sometimes if one is stuck everytime you fire can keep leaving one stuck in the barrel

could this be a case of a return spring not functioning fast enough?

yep that’s possible, what mods have you done to the internals? did U happens to change tappetplate or gearbox shell

if it’s completely stock then I’d be leaning towards the gel balls not properly hydrated or lower quality

Ausgel balls in distilled water check check.
All stock internals

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All sorted. There is a little black extender tube goes from the mag to the T pieces. It is moulded in two parts and mine only had one screw holding it together and one missing on the other side.
When i first got it I added another screw thinking it was just forgotton and thats when all these problems started.
Any way pulled it all down again this morning and removed the screw and no dramas now.

sweet bro glad you got it working

So the missing screw wasn’t an assembly flaw… but a feature that made it shoot efficiently!

yeah I know, i wish I had some pictures of it.
The M249 has about 20 screws around it so not worth undoing them all for a photo but next time I have it open I will get a couple snaps.