Gen9 accuracy issues

Hi, bought my first blaster and got myself a gen9. Straight away I upgraded the spring (1.3), o-ring (high pressure), battery (11.1v), hop-up (slss), and barrel (allow 7.5mm 35cm long).

The accuracy to me seems very bad on it, hitting a target 20m away, the grouping is about 1m. The gels (white milkies) aren’t really consistent size, from 7.0mm-7.5mm. But I notice the gels leaving barrel at random directions, from spin, even though the hop-up is set to maximum.

I really wanted a 7.3mm or 7.4mm barrel, but can’t find anyone who has them in stock. So I’ve bought some orange gels, and will see if the issue are the white milkies, hopefully I’ll test the new gels out tomorrow.

Video of the accuracy shoot from 20m away.

Hey hey…welcome to the circus that is forever chasing range and accuracy

If you are using gold bag milkies, ditch tbem

In a 7.5id barrel they are too small.

The ldt / heavies are marginally better but you could got a slightly larger gel and get better results.

There is a supplier you’ll be able to search for hear that I remember only as Chubbs who sells 7.3 stainless barrels <-- search term for you.

I’m sure others will weigh in with extra items to address including the hopup…they are not all created equally…some plain suck

Anyhoo…one of us, one of us…one of …hahaha victim

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Could you see anything @zeHamish, I couldn’t. That is why when I eventually do my video it will have full clarity and hopefully good grouping which I spruked about :sweat_smile:

Nah…couldn’t see either but being common enough and there’s enough detail to be helpful

Is this what you were referring to ?


Tnx @Rattler

Yep, this is the lad. Gets props from a few of the locals here that I trust the opinion of


Yep excellent to deal with and very nice barrels :+1:

And on my list for when I replace all my 7.2 with 7.3

Cheers, the milkies I’m using are Ausgel, bought 100 000 of them :frowning: . I’m going to try the orange gels tomorrow, they are suppose to be a 7.4mm gel.
Will look at the chgbbs barrel, just wanted to get something local first so I can start playing.

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I ordered that same barrel from chgbbs and it arrived in a reasonable amount of time if you’re worried. They also stock the r1 rizer hopup which is considered to be a very good hopup. Might help with the accuracy as well


My suggestion is always use quality gels and a good barrel. You dont have to go nuts and get anything special just a standard alloy barrel is usually suficient and as for gels i always use ausgel armour tech green (they avg around 7.4) so they give the least gap in the barrel.

Even after doing this if you are still having problems just take the barrel out and check there is no play between the inner and outer ( i used electrical tape to chock it and reduce movement).

After doing those simple things i found accuracy increased dramatically. The next step is spending a bit more money and skill of course and opening up and ensuring all components have 100% airseal. You would be suprised how much this makes a difference but its very trial and error work.

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Well I’ve replaced every internal part, and still doesn’t get any better.
Time to take it into the shop and see what they suggest.

Did you try a new barrel or stabilize the old one ? Accuracy can be a difficult thing to adjust if you don’t have any experience so I would suggest to get someone to help you out.