Gen9 bent sight issue

Does anyone know how to solve this bent front sight issue, my client needs help

Is it straight where it attaches, but bent in the middle? How did it get bent?

I would be putting it out in the sun on its left hand side on a table or something and a rope/string and a weight hanging from the top of the sight… so the weight pulls the sight to the left while the sun heats the plastic. When it is straight, let it cool in the shade

Of course, you could use a hair dryer or if very careful, even a hot air g*n but you will have to be very careful not to over bend or melt the plastic.

Probably best just tell him to buy the metal fish plate he really wants and begin upgrading :grin:

thanks for your solution, and the front handguard doesn’t align very well with the top rail of the receiver, maybe this is related to the bent front sight?

i think the triangular sight can be adjusted manually

Yes, that is why I asked if it is straight where it meets the barrel and the sight bent itself, or if the whole thing is straight, other than being incorrectly on the barrel

waccy, thats a big yikes.

it’s solved. loosened the triangular sight screw, and adjust the sight to the right place. done


Funniest sh*t ever…just saw this post. That is my gen9. I was the one asking zhenduo why it was bent and how to fix it, to only now find out they were asking you guys and relaying replies to me :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I knew that old crusty couch looked familiar


Lol did u end up getting it straight?

Yeah no probs, the sight wasn’t bent, it had just come out of alignment, so i loosened the screws and was able to manually rotate it back into alignment and all good now :+1:

I just found it funny that they were trying to solve the problem by asking questions here, i could have just done that :laughing:


yeah, that was an old post, funny you found it here! :rofl:


I had a Gen 9 that I bought dirt cheap because someone fell on it… looked like a banana :joy: turned out the delta ring had just jumped a couple of threads on one side… unscrew, realign, screw… 100% straight.

Always look for the simple stuff first, bent ain’t always bent :thinking: