Gen9 Gearbox total upgrade not working

I’ve had my ■■■ at tac edge for a week and the are having problems getting it to fire. They trimmed the tappet. They are saying that the motor is to fast. But it’s a 11.1v ACR J10 motor. 39,000. Can you please give me some ideas to fix this… the last time I saw it, the nozzle covered half the t piece.
Is 39,000 to fast for the ■■■ to feed it what it needs?

No it is not, that’s basically a good standard upgrade motor and not a high speed high rof motor.

Not sure what you mean by the nozzle covering half the t piece, can you be more specific?

Perhaps this has some tips for you?

A sector delay chip holds the tappet plate open for longer. If that’s the problem …

It should not need a delay chip if everything is setup properly with stock gear ratio and a motor like that.
I personally don’t like delayer chips, most times they are not required and are more of a band aid to mask the real issue.


i presume he means looking down the t piece whilst not pew pew can see the nozzle tip

@Quix7 which is totally normal as you’d be looking at it when the tappet would be in some varying position that isn’t fully back which is the only time the nozzle tip disappears from the t piece gel input tube

someone at TA is yanking your chain though

what is actually happening? what’s the actual problem?

a sector delay is handy to keep the tappet back which allows a longer time to geed gels into the t piece…the TA guys should know this already…actually, anyone who isn’t a n00b muppet should know this…and even then, many n00bs will know it also :smiley:


As @zeHamish mentioned. What is actually happening?

Why isnt it working properly and what dramas are they having?

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As others have stated, motor speed is about average and it depends on the gear ratios anyway.
Does it shoot with a 7.4v?

Thanks for all the replies, sorry it was a bit blunt, I wasn’t sure how to word it. The nozzle wasn’t retracting enough so the balls could feed. One of the techs said could be the motor, but it couldn’t be, I got the ACR motor… they have now got it working and feeding. It only works with decent 11.1v, he said that he trimmed to much off the new tappet plate. Head tech got back today and fixed the tapper and it’s working well I hear. I’ll pick it up tomorrow. Will post a video, would love some feedback. They would not install my double o ringed head as they said it would blow the front of the gb off… true or false?

Is that the piston head or the cylinder head ?

Unlikely, not even if you block up the barrel. Not sure why they would think that.
If you mean the cylinder head, you just need to ensure it matches the nozzle and the tappet travel and its thickness does not change the AoE of the piston.
As for the tappet, turning the gears by hand will easily show if the nozzle retracts adequately and for how long.
Tappet trimming usually results in narrowing the tpiece opening or speeding up the nozzle closing. You rarely want to reduce the opening size and should avoid trimming the high/wide section and if feeding is an issue, you definitely will not want to speed up the closing.

The proof is in the pudding and I suspect real soon you’ll develop a proficiency with the hardware.

Statements above are acvurate and I am left with questions around your shop input / feedback but let’s just not go there if they have you working

Working is a temporary state which exists between hanging on the wall and becoming cannon fodder

That period in between is pew pew time

So…while you have pew pew time available to you, start the lait of what you want to do to it at next maintenance schedule and watch / read absolutely everything so you can when you get there