Gen9 M4a1 receivers?

With all the upgrades going on, I’m wondering if there are any JM Gen9 M4a1 nylon receivers kicking around?

Or if someone knows where the cheapest nylon one is… $40 on AliExpress is the best I could find.

That’s about right for price. I’m absolutely hanging out for metal receivers, it’s taking so long to get them in Australia.

@Rokz what other nylon receiver is 100% compatible with the JM Gen9? (same thread on front, same method for mounting buffer tube, and work with the same magazines, and take same gearbox.)

I could possibly do a shuffle with what I’ve got…

Has anyone succeeded in getting a receiver from AliExpress in the last 6 months? Or has anyone had customs problems?

BD556 Xpower receiver fits the gen 9 box better than the original gen 9 receiver.