Gen9 magazine with tight bore barrel

I have been having issues with the gen9 magazine not feeding well and I believe I have found out why.
After installing a 7mm tight bore barrel and only growing the gel balls to 6.8mm the magazine doesn’t seem to like it.
The gels are to small to feed consistently, after installing a 7.5 id barrel and growing the gels to 7.3 to 7.4 it now feeds like a dream.
Anyone else noticed this ?

I feel ur pain rattler had the same issue even tried 2 styles of sector delay chips to no avail so went back to 7.5 bore no issues now but lost about 50 fps :sob:

Interesting, my back up blaster may be doing the same thing. Shoots fine sometimes then mis fires on occasions.
I run a 7.1, I’m going to put the standard barrel back in and test it

Same deal with my g18

The mag impeller isn’t shaped correctly for the smaller gels

I plan to use a putty to build it up appropriately.

I guess I could always work an impeller from another mag but

Hmmmm so that confirms what I found.
So basically until we either modify our mags or they start producing mags suitable I guess the tight bore barrels are out for me.

Btw its not just the mag that is a problem, the t piece also seems to stack balls side by side causing problems

There is def a design floor with Gen 9’s. I think it is the t piece connection to the gear box. You would think by the time they got to gen 9 level they would have shit sorted. Wells have a better conection.