Ghost APS Gearbox (Now cracked)

Hey guys I’m trying to find a cylinder head to match up with the factory APS long nozzle but no luck.
Also trying to work out a better sealing system from the APS box to the spacer / t piece.

Edit: Box is cracked and not a single gel has gone through the chamber.
Was opened to radius and cracked in a spot I’ve never seen…

The stock cylinder head seals fine and it is what I am using in both of my aps setups.
But this cylinder head works with the aps nozzle but you will need to slightly open the holes to fit over the pins in the box.

The spacer doesn’t need to seal but it does work better if you make one that is spigoted into the front of the gearbox, it stabilizes the t piece.
I made these for mine but do not sell them so you would need to get something 3d printed or machined yourself.
If you want the drawing I made let me know.

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Yeh that’s what I’m after.
You should sell them.
Been trying to find a 3D guy or machine shop to print me something like that for a while.

Yeh I managed to get the stock head to seal good.

Thanks for the info. Very helpful on here!

You could try @bc411 I gave him a copy of the drawing and he has 3d printed some and might be interested in selling some to you :+1:

Could I also get a copy and I’ll see if I can find someone.

Cheers mate.

I made some out of white board markers. Works great

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pm me your address mate. I need someone to test the prototype. i’ve got a couple here, they take about 20 min to print. Only thing i’d ask for is photos of the build with it. So i know how it looks.

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All good mate found a hairline crack in it. Going CNC.

Unused open to radius the box.

Thanks for all the help guys.

Are you sure it’s a crack ? The cast alloy sometimes looks like it’s cracked .
If it’s unused I doubt it would be cracked :thinking:

Looks pretty cracked to me. Piece of crap.

Wow yes that certainly is a crack, I would be talking to the seller about that if it is unused :frowning:

Man if that’s the shit I’ve got to put up with no thanks.

New box, CNC retroarms. I’ve seen story’s and didn’t believe it was that bad.
Australia must get the seconds of seconds from APS…

@Silent Looks like we may need to get a list of people who are experiencing issues with this APS boxes.

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I don’t think a list will be long enough…

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Ghost gearboxes are obviously no good at all…

Honestly! You can see right through them! ghostly laughing%20(1)

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MPX APS gearbox after 2games at Nuketown so about 12hrs max run time. Had the MPX 6 weeks .
Azrael Armoury stopped answering email 2 months ago.
Gearbox is total crap, we must be getting rejects as the other sport we cant mention use them and they are shooting harder than us.


shooting harder perhaps but i expect its the cycle rate that does us in.

still…you are covered with ACCC rules

we’re starting to see a few of these fail now…hmm…so glad i didn’t put one in my kit

My Wells M401 metal box broke after about a month and a half, used it for maybe 5 hours at most. I took it back into where I brought it, they agreed it shouldn’t of died like that but they came to the party to replace and even upgrade all of it for the hassle, you just need to let them them know that should be covered under ACCC rules.

  1. Contact ACCC.
  2. contact vendor via email (CC and BCC verified receipt email) stating the nature of your enquiry, making clear curcumstances of the fault. Make clear your intention to receive refund for faulty product. State intent to involve them in this dispute.
  3. Don’t give up! You are entitled to a working functioning product or you money back.