GJ M24 Upgrades

So I’ve just ordered an M24 and would like to do some basic mods to it. What I would like to know is what you can get away with without having to go and install the full v2 metal upgrades? I do plan on getting that but not at the moment. I know the stock charging handle is very easy to break, but what exactly breaks, is it the actual handle, or something else. Would installing a metal charging handle fixing the breaking or would you need to upgrade other parts? Also is it possible to upgrade the o-ring in it’s stock form? I’ve heard the green o-rings don’t work on it and the only things I’ve found is for the metal upgrade kit. Cheers.

Theres not too much out there to mod the stock black plunger setup, basically the charging handle fails here

Ive seen people use screws and epoxy glue to stregthen the handle. Im not entirely sure if you can put the metal charge handle on the plasic version.
If i was you i wouldve brought the metal AWM, ive seen and tryed them and its good quality ans fps out the box. If you really want to mod the m24 its probably worth buying the metal bolt kit and spring.

Alright thanks for the help, what metal awm are you talking about? I haven’t heard of it before. Do you mind sharing a link? Cheers.

Never mind I have found it.