Global Tactical Solutions - Just another Rip Off Merchant

Just an FYI, Bought an AKA R2 off GTS. Got it and out of the box and it had a major fault. Wouldn’t shoot more than a couple of meters. Unusable. So I requested a refund and eventually they got back to me with a nice “no worries send it back and we will refund”. So I did and advised them of the cost of postage. Finally got notification of refund… Yep just the purchase price, no shipping. Fark! when will these retailers read the ACCC Consumer Rights page? How hard is it?

Steer clear of GTS, they are just another fly by night operator who doesn’t care about their legal obligations. “Carl” has been ghosting me on Facebook and e-mail (been almost a week and no reply to my request for reimbursement).


Best thing you can do when they ghost you is call them out so others know to steer clear. Reputation is worth a lot in the retail sector, you’d just never know it in the gel industry where the good ones are few and far between.


Had similar issue. Returned the item and sent them a copy of the receipt for return postage. Only received refund for original purchase and postage

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Raise a payment dispute wit’ 'cho bank, son

Same Company or different one?

Same company - GTS

Ok so it’s fairly certain this isn’t an “oops”. They are actually dodgey. Bugger, I was kinda hoping that it might be a one off and they would rectify eventually.

Just an update, I’ve put in a Fair Trade complaint and would advise anyone else who has been cheated by them to do the same. If they won’t learn the nice way then :man_shrugging:


Sadly that as the only way some of them learn. The places that do this are playing the odds for such a small amount most customers will not complain. They work on consumer apathy.

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This is a bit disappointing. It has been a good place to go and the people at the storefront were always friendly and willing to help. I’ve had a bunch of stuff from them (usually cherry picking the specials) and it wasn’t until this last incident, which occurred when they we trying to move premises, that I’ve been disappointed with their service or felt like I’ve been ripped off.