Glock 18 air nozel tip, and other mods

Has anyone else had there ■■■ apart and noticed the nozzle tip has a sort of a cross configuration.

Most mod parts don’t have this type of designe to them and im wondering of its necessary.

1.From the look of its function it disperses the air out wider behind the ball,Instead of a more direct shot of air pushing the ball out.
This would cause a loss in direct force pushing the ball out because im lucky to get 10 meters out of it.
Is there any other ways to increase power with these besides the usual ?

there are a bunch of blasters who use a similar nozzle.

once i started using specific air seal lubricant most of my air leaks with the g18 went away

Today I put a metal barrel (range extender) tight fit with the built in hop up and straight away the difference in distance and accuracy, Can even hear the different sound it makes, More of a pop pop instead of a clack clack, (lol)
Even noticed how instead of the balls coming out and starting to drop after 5mtrs(less sometimes)they float/drift through the air so to speak and now goes over the neighbors 2 story house.
Also a Black trigger and extended Mag, And it looks sweet.
Shame theres no metal or nylon parts available yet.

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Where did you get the air lubricant?

They are crap as the lump of plastic inside them shreds more gels than it shoots…and at $45 you got ripped nicely…half that price on ebay.

Just a local supplier

That was very early days and I was experimenting with different sealants.

Super lube… specifically super lube is what you want