Glock 18 Gear Issue

Got a weird issue with the glock when firing the gears sound like they spin and the slide kind of locks in place but won’t shoot balls out, not sure if the gears are busted or what the problem is. Has anyone else had any issues with this?.

What have you opened or changed?

Only thing I’ve changed is that i put the blackout kit on it.
I’ve sent it back to the place a brought it from as it started smoking and burnt out the circuit board for some unknown reason :confused:

There are several places where the slide can jam.
1 at the back if spring guide is not seated properly
2 at the front if barrel is too short
3 at the circuitboard if battery or plug wiring is not tucked out of the way.

I’ve seen several G18s and 90TWOs where the battery plug and socket have been bent forward.
There is nothing really flammable on the circuitboard so I can only guess that the smoke is coming from insulation on shorted wiring.