Glock 18 is stuck on auto fire

My glock18 seems to stick on auto fire I push button on side to try and stop but keeps going how do I fix problem

Your MOSFET control board will need replacing

15$-ish from eBay.

Easy enough job to fit it but does require a soldering iron

But if you’re having to do that, may as well update to the 90two board and make the battery mod

Okay, the “showing iron” should be soldering iron, “may add will” could be “may as well” ?

How am I doing interpreting some of your posts, Hamish? :grin:

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Gawd damn my bleary old eyes

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It takes practise believe me :rofl:

Yeah, I’ve had the same experience.
Just when you think you’ve learnt his version of shorthand, he’ll come up with something new to completely bamboozle you :laughing:

It’s the mobile keyboard gawd dammit

That and I’m usually half awake when I do that sh1t

Need to change…coffee first…questions after

Thankful he is not brain surgeon of a Chemist :rofl:

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yea…i find brain surgery whilst waiting for my script to be filled terribly problematic

its almost like fat finger syndrome

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The other thing it might be is the slide is not doing its full travel forward and back, had that problem with my beretta 90two
If you’ve been pulling it apart, changing barrels, installing hopups etc, just make sure nothing is snagged etc…

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oooo…and that micro switch up front may not be mounted correctly…

or the little plate with the ridge upside down - ridge goes down