Glock 18 SKD autofeed won't fire upright

Hey guys just inquiring if anyone would know why my blaster won’t shoot upright I have to hold it upside down to fire mag feed works but just won’t fire upright

Welcome to the crew Corey.

What size gels are you feeding your g18?

I find the smaller ones bunch up in the blaster and it needs a flick etc to rearrange them so they feed

I am just using the ones that came with the blaster at the moment would they be too small??

Scrap them

Generally the gels shoveled with blasters are garbage. Not always but most of the time.

Grab some larger 7.3-7.4mm gels.

The g18 will live them

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Okay mate thanks heaps I will grab some now

Make sure the mag motor is going the right way. If the contacts get mixed up, the motor will run in the magazine, but backwards.

Just a thought…

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did you have a win?

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Yeah I did working great now thanks for all you guys help really appreciate it

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So what was it the balls or the motor I’m having the same problem I’m using warinterest milkies.

maybe the barrel is not fixed right

i have found that 7.3mm gels are inconsistent and jam in the t piece feed canal.

to test is easy enough…give the g18 a shake and if it starts firing again for a wee while until the next jam…gels are too small