Glock g18 blackout kit issue

Hey guys.
Just installed a g18 blackout kit for my pistol, however when I go to try to shoot, the motor just keeps running instead of turning off when it should.

What’s the fix?

There’s a micro switch towards the end of the barrel. It triggers the mosfet that a cycle has been completed. It sounds like this is not being triggered.

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Yeah thanks mate, just figured it out not too long ago. A little trial and error allowed me to learn enough to figure the issue, just took a little realignment of some parts. Now it’s working great again. And looking better then before too.


Good work! It’s time for me to do another one…

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What did you do to fix it just blacked mine out and same thing

take the slide off inspect and see if that switch is around the wrong way.

Take the top of showing the gear box,if the cogs are showing turn the Glock on and off until there are no gears showing ,replace the top that holds barrel plunger ECT and that will stop it foreign constantly. Regards Kram

I don’t know why people want to make a G-Lock all black… my real licenced G-34 (long slide) has a stainless steel fully rifled barrel, rather than the black, hammered hex barrel. As well as being more accurate than the hex hammered rifled barrel, I like the look of the stainless against the black…

As well, being all black makes it ‘appear’ more real and without the red barrel tip, there is a risk the authorities can take it off you and charge you with something?

As I have said in other threads… anyone around here (or visiting my area) is welcome to come to the range for a shot of the real thing…:+1:

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Someone asked me what I meant by a hammered hex barrel. G-Locks have a barrel that is over sized and a twisted, hardened hexagonal rod is inserted, then it is fed thru a hammer mill that hammers the length of the barrel onto the hex bar… then the bar is withdrawn leaving the internal bore of the barrel with haxagonal rifling…

This works fine with jacketed amunition… but as most ranges do not allow jacketed amunition, I use lead round nose. The standard hexagonal barrel ends up with alot of lead in the corners of the hex barrel… so unless the barrel is constantly cleaned… the barrel will wear as the projectile tried to (and succeeds) to overtake the lead and expands the barrel… like if there is water or mud in the barrel.

My barrel is stainless from a company in the US called ‘Storm Lake’

This guy shows you a storm lake barrel and changing barrels in a G-Lock… (Dead easy)

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