Glock or Desert eagle

I’m thinking of buying a side arm and I’m stuck, I like the size of the Deagle but everyone has the glock and the reviews seem to be in favour of the glock. Can anyone give me an honest comparison.

Glock here!

Go the GLock!

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I’ve got the desert eagle, no complaints here. Although I haven’t ever actually used it in a game, despite carrying it every damn time

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I wouldnt bother with either. I have the glok and never ended up using it. I have used the deagle and it was kinda similar. if its against u with a pistol and someone else with a rapid ROF rifle then u wont stand a chance.
If this new gas powered one ends up making it to our shores then that may be a game changer.

Got the Deagle, love it.
It’s great fun and very accurate to 15m.