Gluing bushes in nylon gearbox

Just wanting to know what people are using to glue bushes into nylon gearbox’s? Was thinking 2 part epoxy but the thought of ever getting them out has me worried about ruining the shell

I have never glued them in.
If the cases are worn and the bushes are loose then maybe if you want to try and get some extra life from the cases you could glue them with hot melt glue

This thing hasn’t even started life yet it’s a brand new Kublai v2 bevel bushes fit snug as but the spur and sector gear are way to sloppy for just press fitting. Thanks for the hot glue idea tho guess I’m buying a glue gun 2morro

Are you saying the shafts on the gears are a loose fit in the bushes ?
I would install bearings since your stripping it anyway.

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Nah not the shafts the actual gearbox holes the plastic ones that came out were a good fit but the shs ones I replaced them with just fall in and out without even pushing them

Oh plastic bushes :open_mouth:
I haven’t see a Kublai .
Are you sure you got the correct size bearings , it seems odd that they are not a standard size and fit.

Your also going to have to be careful not to get any glue in the bearings :+1:

Yeah they’re the right size 7mm just really loose in the casing. I’ll probably order some bearings and give them a shot but if I have to glue them I’ll go for the bushes I have

like I said the ones for the bevel are sweet but the rest are slop

Hot glue is no good for that. It can start to get tacky on a hot day. Run a few mags through that and the friction etc will melt it Nooooooo

I use hot melt in my blasters all the time to hold wiring etc. Never had a failure yet.
If the bearings get hot enough to melt hot melt glue you have a problem.
Plus I live in North QLD and if gets hot here

Loctite eats most plastics so should not be used

@Rattler can you send some of that heat down here?
It was 2 degrees last night!

Wiring is fine, it’s great for that because it gives a little and helps prevent the wires from breaking if they get pulled on. But the give in it is why I wouldn’t use it for brushes. They aren’t supposed to move.
J-B weld two part epoxy is good for plastic and solid as rock.

I’d say the gearbox is faulty if they are loose at the start. Even if you do glue them in, they will be slightly off centre. That defeats the whole purpose of having them. (I’ve got my engineers hat on now) get them to replace it.

2 deg you can keep , if it gets to 9deg I cant get out of bed :grin:

The bearing will not be loose enough to have the out of centre problem and the hot melt will be so thin that it will hold them very well and solid.
For a bearing to fall out it only needs to be 1 thou loose and it won’t be tight

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There are also other ways such as running a tiny smear of ca glue around the bearing housings and let it dry, then the bearing will be a tight fit :+1:

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