Gold Bag Milkies

Anyone else noticed a slip in the consistency and quality of gold bag milkies lately?

Grew some last night, only about a speedloader’s worth… soaked overnight in distilled demineralised water, ended up throwing half of them away. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: All different sizes and shapes. Just glad I didn’t develop 10, 000… Did I soak them too long maybe? Are people counterfeiting milkies now?

Took almost as long to sort them as it did to grow them. :joy:


yep…its why i’ve stopped using them

they used to be awesome in my 7.2ID barrels

now its just grump after grump

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Fkn gels, shits me, just when you find a good batch, out of stock or change the recipe!
I’ve stocked right up now on what’s working for me. AKA’s…
when I can finally get the ultras I’ll be buying them up too.

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I wonder how they are made? Does anyone know? I have looked for videos of them being manufactured, but, no luck :thinking:

Yeah that’d be very interesting.

Yeah… just tested a smaller batch… after 30 mins the water was full of broken gel bits and shards.

Binning them and buying up Armour Techs…

Anyone got a line on the AK gels? Hard to find… X- Force Tactical had 'em, but you guys bought 'em all :joy:

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Gelballmod for the AKA’s
I only have 8 packets left so time to order up before I run out :rofl::rofl:

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