Golden eagle 1911 mags anyone know where to get a functioning mag follower

Any help would be appreciated thanks

did yours break ?

On my green gas mag yes then replaced it from the one in the co2 so I’m looking for a replacement to the one in the co2 mag

try the retailer my mag lips broke but ihobby is replacing them just send a email i think they are pretty average quality so they should replace them

CEH won’t give me my money back now and i cant be stuffed ever touching CEH again so i might try a wells or xtp part

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so they wont warranty… it or have you not tried ?
just send a picture by email and they should be good for that as long as you did not modify it if it just broke like mine should be fine i would give it a whirl

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cant be stuffed trying ive gotten to the point with buisnesses i dont try anymore it just makes me sad trying so i fix my own stuff

What GE did you buy? There’s like 6 different mags for them…

Single stack green gas for the classic 1911

Yeah that’s going to be a tricky one to find I think. Like the guy above said, you might be best just giving them a call or sending them a Facebook message or something. Send them a picture and I’m sure they’ll sort it out for you.

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I would happily contact the retailer but I took the non broken one out of my co2 mag and put it into my green gas mag and put the broken one into my co2 mag which has voided my garbage warranty

Your consumer rights override any “warranty period” they state. Defective product is still defective.

It’s not the time frame there going to accuse me of tampering with it and won’t replace the mag because I also lost a latch and small spring in the process which means I voided all warranty claims I could’ve gotten :disappointed:

Did anyone happen to find a source for replacement GE 1911 single stack mag followers? The little tab used to pull it down to feed gels snapped clean off on mine

i simply took some pictures of mine and emailed them to ihobby and he replaced it
it would appear there is a fault with these (poor quality) to be so common to break
as no other mag i have and i have a few
i have not had one fail like the GE ones